Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Warding Boston

Interested in maps? Interested in Boston? Then, dear readers, you absolutely must check out WardMaps. Of particular interest is their Sanborn Fire Insurance Map of Boston in 1902, which is probably the best historical map tool available on-line.

Loyal readers take note: the site of yr humble correspondent's former residence was apparently occupied by the spacious grounds and townhouse of one Mr. John Webber at one time. And to think, it's all studio apartments these days.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just a note of correction, that is a G.W. Bromley Real Estate Atlas of Boston from 1902. Sanborn Fire insurance atlases do not list the property owners, real estate atlases do. Most of the maps on do include the property owners, which makes them real estate maps. The Sanborn Fire Insurance maps are still copyrighted by Sanborn and no one reproduces them.

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