Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Freezing for Omelettes

Yr humble correspondent spends a good deal of time in and around Somerville's Ball Square, where his boyfriend resides. It is a generally charming little half-block, lined with quaint, Main Street-style stores — a bakery, a wine store, a coffee house, a diner, a cafe, et cetera.

It's the cafe yr humble correspondent wishes to discuss; specifically, the cafe called Sound Bites.

This is the line outside of Sound Bites on a typical Sunday, and a cold one at that. On any given day of the week, this line is present. Granted, the line is not always as long as evidenced in the photographs, but it is there nonetheless — four or five people, or two or three groups, standing outside, waiting for breakfast or brunch. Regardless of whether it a work day, weekday, holiday, there they are.

Now, yr humble correspondent is sure that Sound Bites has a fantastic and delicious menu. However, one must wonder how fantastic and delicious any menu can be to warrant standing outside, in the cold of a New England winter, for what is surely at least a half-hour. What are in those omelettes that makes people wait outside, freezing in the wind, sipping quickly-cooling coffee? Especially when there is a diner up the block and another cafe across the street?

Yr humble correspondent recalls a particular day, not too many weeks ago, when a snow storm of fairly sizeable porportions hit the area, dumping some four to six inches of snow. Heading down to Ball Square for coffee and breakfast, yr humble correspondent remarked to his companions that there was no conceivable way that Sound Bites would have a line outside its doors on a day like that day, with no sunlight, a biting wind and snow piled everywhere. Indeed, many of the sidewalks had not yet been shoveled!

But, lo, there it was, visible even from a distance — a sizeable line standing outside, in the snow, waiting to get inside for brunch. Baffling. Clearly, their brunch must be of divine nature, although yr humble correspondent has no idea because he refuses to stand in line, outside, simply to get brunch.

Why, I am sure my dear readers are asking, does our humble correspondent bring this issue up? Simply because, sirs and ladies, the weather outside is godawful, and yr humble correspondent is quite sure that there is a line outside Sound Bites at this very moment.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why do people wait at Sound Bites? Because the food really is that good -- but more importantly, because the service is lightning-fast. The place has an "get in, get out" style, so even though there may be a line stretching down the block, the actual wait is quite small.
- a Sound Bites fan

2:22 PM  
Anonymous Josh said...

Used to live in Ball Square and that wine store is *fabulous*. the owner's adorable great aunt and uncle catered a wonderful greek party, got to meet his whole fam. He has a philosphy of wine that centers around the surprising and exceptional under $10 bottle. And he's really hot, in that dark greek guy sort of way.

3:10 PM  

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